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Thursday, February 25, 2021

How to Defend your Top Position of SEO Ranking

finally, you are there on the coveted No. 1 position on Google! You have worked hard for it, and now you have got to defend the position. How is it possible? It is almost same as the war you fought to reach there.

You may slip away from the top position if you don’t maintain all the SEO strategies you have been following. In that scenario, your competitors will race past you. Hence, we understand that Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process. Find here some of the key SEO tactics to defend your top position on search engines.

Update your Website

Updating your website at regular intervals is essential to defend your No. 1 SEO ranking. Fresh content and its quality matters as Google has included it in its ranking algorithm. You have got to engage your visitors with new articles with relevant and meaningful videos and images. Optimizing the layout of the website and bringing in new visual features to your brand will convert your visitors as productive customers.EXT

Expand Link Building

You need to focus on quality rather than quantity backlinks to your website. If one of the pages has ranked No. 1 on Google for a specific keyword, you don’t have to add excess backlinks to that page again. Now is the time to expand backlinks to the other pages via link building and bring them up. It will improve the overall performance of your site on all the search engines.

Boost the Speed of your Website

Google looks at websites that load within one second to place it on top of its search results. If your website does not load fast, especially on mobile handsets, you need to boost the speed of it. You can rely on a different hosting provider, use relevant tools to compress the images on your site, use CDN to boost the downloading speed or any other relevant methods to boost the speed and performance of your website.

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